Roosevelt Military Academy, Aledo, Illinois, was home for over 3000 cadets from 1931 thru 1973. In 1973 the academy closed. A corn field is now where the football and track team practiced; the academic building has been removed; North Barracks and Niles Hall are still standing, but nearly on the verge of collapse.

But the Scarlet and Gray spirit lives on
Cadence Count:  Rough Riders Bold and Strong....Building Men All Lifelong.


Where Would you Like the Next RMA Reunion to be Held?

2016 Reunion Co-Chairs Bob Kramer '65 and Rick Bogoff '70, supported by the Association Board of Directors, are already hard at work planning for our next reunion...and they want to know what you think.  In addition to the location, they are also reviewing when the reunion should be held.  The reunion has traditionally been in August, but there was a lot of discussion at the 2014 Business Meeting about holding the reunion earlier in the summer.

Let us know what you think.  Take the 2016 Reunion Survey so Bob and Rick can take your opinions into consideration in their planning.

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RMA Polo Shirts are Available Again

At the 2014 Reunion, Association Historian Rick Millikan offered to consolidate orders from the RMA community for RMA Polo Shirts to obtain an attractive price for all.  These durable Silk Touch™ Performance Polos wicks moisture, resists snags and holds onto its color for a professional look that lasts.  Rick needs to order at least six shirts at a time to obtain a price of $14.50 each plus shipping.  (Slightly higher for 2XL and 3XL.)  Here are all of the details.


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RMA Cadets' Academic Records Have a New Home

All academic records from Roosevelt have been turned over to the Mercer County Museum in Aledo for permanent storage.  If you would like a copy of your academic record, please request it in writing over your signature to:

Ms. Veda Meriwether, Museum Curator
Essley- Noble Museum & Mercer County Historical Society
1406 SE 2nd Avenue
Aledo, IL  61231

 Please include your full name at the time of your attendance and the year or years you attended the academy.

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A Message from the Association's New President

To All Members and Friends of the Association:

When I was asked by Mel Bogus to consider running for the Presidency of The RMA Rough Riders Association, I knew two facts for sure:


Succeeding Mel would be a very difficult job for anyone. When I took the podium to speak to our group for the first time on August 24th after the election at the business meeting, I stated that I have really large shoes to fill and that he would be a very tough act to follow.

Mel was fully engaged and a total professional on how he empowered the ranks to do their jobs whether elected, appointed or volunteering. I was invited to sit in and listen to the August 14th conference phone call board meeting to learn how things were conducted and witnessed that he conducted the proceedings in a business-like fashion with an agenda designed to cover the necessary subjects to ensure that the facets of the upcoming reunion were under control as well as the upcoming elections for officers.    Read the entire letter.


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2014 Biennial RMA All-Class Reunion

50 RMA cadets returned to Western Illinois on August 22-24 to enjoy camaraderie and memories from their RMA days.  The high point of the weekend was the unveiling of a statue on the Mercer County courthouse grounds to commemorate the Academy and the 3000+ students who attended from 1931 until 1973.  Below is a picture of the statue.  Click here for a summary of the reunion festivities, along with pictures and videos.
If you took pictures at the reunion, please send them to so they can be posted on the soon-to-be-created 2014 reunion page.  If you would prefer to send a CD, contact the webmaster for a mailing address.


RMA's "Lost Battalion"

Over the years, we have lost contact with a virtual "battalion" of cadets and we would like you to help us locate them.  Mike Vagi '60 has created a list of cadets, faculty and friends with whom we were in contact at one point, but have lost touch with them.  Take a few minutes to review the names of the "Lost Battalion" to see if there is someone you are in contact with or, perhaps, an old classmate that you would be willing to spend a little time trying to locate.

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Armed Forces Memorial - Cadets

Aledo has built with the support of the Rough Rider Association a memorial that honors of all the men and women of Mercer County who have served our Country in the Armed Forces or attended RMA.  There is a designated area to honor and recognize former Roosevelt Military Academy cadets Click here for full details and how you can participate.

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Rough Riders Down....

It is with sad hearts we list cadets and faculty
who have been lost during the past 12 months.

Name    Class Year  

Date of Loss

Cadet David Cargill 1961 November 7, 2013
Cadet Larry Halagiere 1968 March 20, 2014
Cadet Jim Ringle 1962 April 10, 2014
Cadet Allen Loeb 1966 April 20, 2014
Cadet Donald “Guy” Bassett 1971 May 1, 2014
Cadet Willard "Tony" Morrison 1946 June 22, 2014
Cadet John "Jack" Jeans 1971 July 16, 2014
Cadet James Shaffer 1970 July 4, 2014
Cadet George Lewin 1952 August 4, 2014
Cadet J. Warren Jackson 1948 September 12, 2014
Cadet John Friend 1961 September 19, 2014
Cadet John Russell 1966 October 31, 2014
Cadet Ronald Ho 1955 December 5, 2014

  For a full list of Rough Riders who we know have passed, go to TAPS  


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The RMA Roster of Cadets and Faculty/Staff

You can now easily update the RMA Roster with your e-mail and snail-mail address and telephone number.  At the same time you can request a copy of the Roster be sent to you, if you are a member of the RMA Rough Riders Association.

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New cadets in 1965 are accepted into the cadet corps after
marching through the RMA ceremonial gate

See more pictures of Cadet Life.  

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