June 25-28, 2004
Gold Coast Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada


The first all-class reunion attempted outside the Midwest
was small in size, but a large success in every other way.

(Click on the picture for a larger view with attendees identified.)

The weekend started out with registration and an informal "Get Together" party in the Gold Coast East Lounge where everyone got to say "hi" to old friends and get re-acquainted.  (I believe this was also the night that Bruce Lutz '65 became the reunion high roller by winning a $1000 jackpot playing slots!)

In terms of long-lasting impact on continued RMA camaraderie, the most important event was the meeting on Saturday morning to discuss the possibility of creating an formal alumni association, the dates and location of the next all-class reunion, and several other issues of interest.  Here's an informal summary of that meeting with some pictures.

The high point of the reunion was, of course, the banquet on Saturday evening.  The dinner buffet was bountiful, the speeches and award presentations were relatively short, the drill-off was finally declared a tie, and the DJ provided a great mix of dancing music. 

Sunday was left open for everyone to do their own thing and enjoy the sighs and delights of Las Vegas.

Monday morning everyone said a final farewell at the breakfast buffet and headed home.



Robert Martiny '43                 Edward Kassell '44
Harold Bersin '48   Ronn Jutkins '53
Warren Cowles '54   Bernard "Ace" Groharing  '59
Sam Fantino '60   Ray Rossi '60
Paul Rouch '60   James Russo '60
Mike Vagi '60   Jim Burt '61
Joe Greco 61   Norm Iglarsh '61
Barney Wald 61   Paul May '62
Jim Crawford '63   Bob Fritz '65
Leland (John) Easton '66   Jack Gwynne '66
Esteban "Steve" Jimenez  '66   Tim Acocks '67
Herb Golden (Goldfarb) ''67   Bruce Lutz '67
Randy Fritz '68   Mike Condrella '69
Louis Hallstrom '69   Ken Polich '69
Gary Swedberg '69   Gary Weaver '69
Larry Eltoft '71      



Special thanks go to the Reunion Committee which consisted solely of Michael Condrella '69, his wife Ronnie, and Jack Gwynne, '66.  (Assisting with getting the word out to everyone was  Mike Vagi '60, Keeper of the RMA Directory, and Bob Fritz '65, RMA Webmaster.)