The 2008 Biennial Business Meeting of the
Roosevelt Military Academy Rough Rider Association
August 17, 2008 - Northbrook, Illinois


The meeting is best described in the minutes compiled by Mike Vagi, Retiring Secretary:

The meeting was called to order by President Jack Gwynne at 10:00 AM. The President declared that a quorum was present.  Jack then welcomed everyone in attendance and gave an overview of the business meeting items.

He informed the members that the Association had recently acquired some school records from the Mercer County Court House. They involve both academic and historical records of the school.  The Association Treasurer, Gerald Feitler, will be the custodian of the academic records and any cadet who is interested in receiving a copy of their own record just needs to contact Jerry.  The historical records will be turned over to the Association Historian, Gene Shalander, Sr. and will surely be part of future reunion displays.

 The acquisition of these records is the result of an agreement between the State of Illinois Regional Office of Education and the RMA Rough Rider Association. 

Ronn Jutkins, Memorial Committee Chairman, updated the members on the progress made on the Roosevelt Memorial.  He advised the membership that Lloyd Young, Sr. had made a $250 contribution to the Memorial Committee in support of this project.  Lloyd raised the money by selling RMA Alumni bumper stickers.

 Ronn indicated that he has made numerous contacts with persons and organizations that are in a position to provide the financial support to complete this project and indicated that there would be no need for any financial assistance from the Association. He did solicit ideas for how to expand the memorial beyond the statue itself. All alumni and members are welcome to submit ideas and should contact Ronn directly.

 One suggestion was that the “Roosevelt Tree” should be considered a National Historical Monument and that the Memorial Committee should look into how that might be accomplished. If the property is sold, the tree could easily be destroyed unless it was protected by some type of historical designation.

 Bob Fritz, Bylaws Committee Chairman, reviewed the changes to the original Constitution and By-Laws as communicated to the membership by the website in advance of the meeting.

The following amendments, additions, and corrections were proposed:

  • Article II – Section 5 – Beneficiary Clause

It was suggested that this Section be modified to cover those members with Life-time memberships and not require annual renewal by the beneficiary.

  • Article III – Section 2 – Special Meetings

It was suggested that this amendment is essentially acceptable to the membership but it should be modified to indicate that voting may be conducted by correspondence.

  • Article IX – Amendment of Bylaws

It was suggested that this Article be amended to read: The Rough Rider Association Bylaws may be amended by a majority of the voting members of the Association who are present at the membership meeting. Amendments receiving a majority of the votes cast shall be declared adopted.

A motion was made to adopt the committee recommendations with the above amendments. The motion was duly seconded and a vote was taken and the recommendations were adopted.

Gerald Feitler, Treasurer, gave a broad financial overview of the financial status of the Association and indicated that we are fiscally sound. He will be investing monies for Life-time membership dues in an interest bearing account so as to distribute the funds on an annual pro-rata basis. Without going into an extensive review of the financial reports, Jerry invited any member with questions of a financial nature to contact him directly and he would be happy to entertain their questions.

 At this point Jack pointed out to the membership that formal approval of the Association Business Meeting minutes of August 6, 2006 was needed. A vote was held and the minutes were approved as submitted.

All old business being concluded, Jack Gwynne announced that the election of Association Officers would be the next order of business.

The candidates for the Association Officers and the results of necessary voting are as follows:

  •  President

    • 1 Candidate – Bob Fritz – Elected by acclamation.

  • Vice-President

    • 2 Candidates – Bob Brown & Lloyd Young, Sr

    • Bob Brown elected by majority vote

  • Secretary

    • 5 write-in Candidates

    • Jim Robertson elected by majority vote

  • Treasurer – 1 Candidate – Gerald Feitler – Elected by acclamation.

 Newly elected President Bob Fritz addressed the membership briefly after the election. 

His first action as President was to present special Certificates of Appreciation to retiring officers Jack Gwynne and Mike Vagi for their outstanding service as founding officers of the Association.  He also thanked Jerry Feitler for his service as Treasurer and joked that Jerry's reward was his being re-elected.   

Bob also indicated that he has full confidence in the other Officers that would be working with him and that they would be an effective team in moving the Association forward in the spirit of RMA.

 He emphasized that he would concentrate his leadership efforts in improving communications within the Association as well as increasing the membership in the Association and reunion attendance.  As part of this commitment, he appointed a Membership Committee to he headed up by Lloyd Young, Sr. as Chairman and assisted by committee members Rick Karpes, Bob Kramer and Jack Gwynne.

He invited others to assist in this effort to head up other committees, particularly the Reunion and Communications Committees. He also made it clear that he would be the “rumor control guy” and if any alumni hears things and has questions about what is going on or what they heard – to contact Bob directly to discuss the question or concern.

Bob solicited the attending members for volunteers to serve on the 2010 Reunion Committee and asked where the members would like to see it held. There were no volunteers to serve on the committee but the unanimous feeling was that Aledo was the preferred location for the next reunion. The feelings of the voting members will be passed on to the next Reunion Committee.

Pursuant to a motion duly made and seconded, by a unanimous vote the meeting was adjourned closed at approximately 12:15 PM.

Respectfully Submitted 

Mike Vagi
Retiring Secretary




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