August 15-17, 2008
Northbrook, Illinois


Everyone had a "Weekend of Memories" as the association held its biennial reunion at the Radisson Hotel in Northbrook, Illinois  The event's success was due to the had work of the reunion committee:

     Chairman:  Eric "Rick" Bogoff  '70

Bob Kramer '65
Ronn Jutkins '53
Norm Iglarsh '61


We have grouped the photos based on the various events that took place over the weekend. Just click on the groups below.   The pictures are all "thumbnail" images.  Just click to bring up the original, larger photo. (You can also save the photos to your's how.)

Our thanks to Bob Kramer '65, Gene Shalander '50. Mike Vagi '60, Bob Fritz '65, Dave Maxwell '59, Lloyd Young '64, and Linda Herron for providing the photos from the reunion.

  • The weekend began with a welcome reception hosted by the Reunion Committee at the hotel. It was the first chance for people to get to say "hello" to old friends...and some new ones from earlier or later classes.  This was also a chance for everyone to visit the memorabilia room set up by Historian Gene Shalander '50.

  • Saturday was free time so cadets and their families were able to see the sights or attend the many activities and festivals that were taking place in Chicagoland that weekend.

  • The Saturday evening banquet began with the traditional alumni drill-off. .  The dinner was followed by some special awards presented by the Recognition Committee and dancing to the Reunion Jazz Band. 

  • The breakfast on Sunday morning was followed by the biennial business meeting of the RMA Rough Rider Association.

(in class year order)

Ralph Antolino 1947   Paul May 1962  
Richard A. Alsip 1948   Jim Robertson 1962  
Joseph C. Graziano 1949   Terry Daughton 1964  
John Pappageorge 1949   Scott Fincher 1964  
George Engel 1950   Richard Karpes 1964  
Gene Shalander, Sr. 1950   Lloyd E. Young Sr 1964  
Bill Tragos 1951   Bob Fritz 1965  
Gerald Feitler 1952   Bruce Jennings 1965  
Ronn Jutkins 1953   Bob Kramer 1965  
Ben Neider 1954   Jack Gwynne 1966  
Lou Westol (also faculty) 1954   John Frey 1966  
Warren Cowles 1954   Bruce Lutz 1967  
Jay Levine 1955   John Durkin 1969  
James K. Schmitt 1955   Curtis Purington 1969  
William Billingheimer 1959   Gary Swedberg 1969  
David Maxwell 1959   Gary Weaver 1969  
Sam Fantino 1960   Charles Ewalt 1970  
Mitch Russo 1960   Rick Bogoff 1970  
Tom Stipp 1960   Larry Eltoft 1971  
Mike Vagi 1960   John Butler 1972  
Joe Greco 1960        
Norm Iglarsh 1961