August 22-24, 2014
Rock Island and Aledo, Illinois


Everyone had a "Weekend of Memories" as the Association held its biennial reunion at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Rock Island, Illinois  The event's success was due to the hard work of the Reunion Chairman Mike Vagi '60, ably supported by the Association Board of Directors.

Our thanks to Bob Kramer '65, and Pete Adkins '71 for providing the photos and videos from the reunion.  We have grouped the photos based on the various events that took place over the weekend. Just click on the groups below.   The pictures are all "thumbnail" images.  Just click to bring up the original, larger photo. (You can also save the photos to your's how.)

Note:  We are still processing and uploading the pictures to the web.  More hyperlinks will be added below as the pictures albums are added.

The weekend began with the RMA Memorabilia Display as attendees signed in.  It was the first chance for people to get to say "hello" to old friends...and some new ones from earlier or later classes.  This was followed by the Mississippi River dinner cruise. For those who did not take the dinner cruise they were invited to a “Pizza Party” in the registration/memorabilia room.  Everyone had their fill and enjoyed their time reminiscing and viewing the RMA display.  Saturday started out with a visit to Aledo.  The morning included:

The traditional Saturday evening Association Banquet at the hotel was following by a Casino Night

The breakfast on Sunday morning was followed by the biennial Business Meeting of the RMA Rough Rider Association and the election of officers for 2014-2016.  Click here for the minutes of the meeting.


Name and
Last Year Attended
Pete Adkins '71  
Dale Ague '72 Deborah
Dave Armstrong '56 Elle
Janet Batchelor - family
(Widow of Pat Batchelor '63
William Beckford '71 Denise
Eric(Rick) Bogoff '70 Connie
Mel Bogus '47 Sherry, Bradley and Brian Bogus & Andrew Baker 
Bob Brown '65 Patti
Tim Brown '67 Lauren
Mark Bunes '71  
John Butler '72 Angelina & Loue Gequiniana
Don Corwin '68 Suzi
Tom deGraffenried '62 Jan(Stoeth)
Hugh DeGroff '59 Linda
Fred Deichmann '52  
Jack Domingo '66 Bonnie
Don Engelbrecht '64  
Dan Eicher Jr. '69 Carol
Charles Ewalt Sr. '70 Lisa
Sam Fantino '60 Lorrie
Gerald Feitler '52 Maxine Grisham
Bob Fritz '65 April
Phil Geata '53  
Joe Greco '61 Kay(maybe)
Bernard(Ace) Groharing '59 Nadine
Jack Gwynne '66 Holly
Norman Hukill '67 Cindy
Norman(Iggy) Iglarsh '61 Ilene
Tom Jones '67 Angie
Ronn Jutkins '53 June
Jeff Koppel '72 Jennie
George Kourmadas '47  
Robert Kramer '65  
Colonel Dave Lawson - faculty  
Dart Longeway '71 Debbie
Ken Ludolph '62 Deanice
Bruce Lutz '67 Lynn
Paul May '62 Phyllis
Rick Millikan - family  
Al Nichols '69 Kate
Roger Rathfelder '62 Jon(Son)
Mitch Russo '60 Connie
Jerry Shirk '71 Grace
Matt Shore '60 Margie
Duane Southwick '66 Colleen
Roger Stancliff - faculty  
Mike Vagi '60  
Jorge(George) Vega '54  
Barney Wald '61 Mary 
James Wayne '55  
Gary Weaver '69  Sue
Ralph(RC) Wehner '53 Sue