October 1, 2005

The weather cooperated on Saturday, October 1st, for the Texas mini-reunion held at Cheryl & Mike Vagi’s ranch in Terrell. 

The attendees were:

  • Bill Reid '61, St. Petersburg, FL

  • Norm Bushee '63, Hot Springs Village, AR

  • Jim & Kathy Schweda '60, Woodburn, OR

  •  Mel & Sherry Bogus '47, Conroe, TX

  •  Harry & Bernie Bilgray '64, San Antonio, TX

  • Warren Cowles, El Paso '54, TX

  • Jim & Anita Kilpatrick '65, McKinney, TX

Jim Kilpatrick contributed to the chow by preparing Japanese pickles, pancit (a Filipino noodle dish) and lumpia (a Filipino style taquita) as well as kalua pig and haupia--both Hawaiian dishes.  His dishes really added an exotic flare to the surroundings.  Along with Jim’s food we had BBQ’d hamburgers and hot dogs; and The Colonel provided the chicken, both Original and Extra Crispy!

 Mild temperatures enabled everyone to sit outside by the backyard pool and enjoy the camaraderie of a bunch of old RMA guys reminiscing about the “good ole days”, and a good ole time was had by all.

                                 Mike Vagi

These photos were provided by Mike. Click on any photo for a larger image.

Mike Vagi – slaving away getting ready for mini-reunion

Bill Reid, Jim Schweda, Kathy Schweda, Mike Vagi (left to right)

Jim Schweda, Kathy Schweda, Mike Vagi

Bernie Bilgray, Mike Vagi, Harry Bilgray

Norm Bushee, Mike Vagi

Jim Schweda, Mike Vagi, Kathy Schweda

Mike Vagi, Cheryl Vagi, Bill Reid

Mike Vagi, Mel Bogus, Kathy Schweda, Jim Schweda, Sherry Bogus

Harry Bilgray, Norm Bushee

Anita & Jim Kilpatrick

Sherry & Mel Bogus

Jim Kilpatrick, Mike Vagi, Anita Kilpatrick

Mel Bogus, Mike Vagi, Sherry Bogus

Harry & Bernie Bilgray, Mike Vagi, Kathy & Jim Schweda, Norm Bushee, Jim  
& Anita Kilpatrick, Mel & Sherry Bogus