2007 Bi-Annual Texas Mini-Reunion
Terrell, TX - Saturday, October 13th

The weather co-operated and the company was terrific for the 3rd. Bi-Annual Texas Mini-Reunion held at Cheryl & Mike Vagiís ranch, outside Dallas.

The Rough Rider Association Treasurer, Jerry Feitler came from Florida and also picked up Cherylís brother Doug who always visits in October. Also from Florida was our friend Bill Reid. From Washington came Dave & Carole Maxwell and our Texas friends included the Rough Rider Newsletter Editor and Communications Chairman, Mel Bogus and his wife Sherry and Jim Kilpatrick, our published author and gourmet chef, with his wife Anita.

Everyone enjoyed all the animals and the special dishes of lumpia, bilobilo and chicken long rice prepared by Jim and supplemented with grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and deep fried chicken with all the trimmings.

Most of the time was spent exchanging tall tales about RMA by the pool as well as watching everyoneís favorite animal, the pygmy goats and the ladies enjoyed walking around the pasture and checking out the horses and live ponds (and feeding the fish).

Jerry Feitler

Jerry Feitler, Mike Vagi, Cheryl Vagiís brother Doug

Jerry Feitler, Bill Reid, Mike Vagi

Jerry Feitler, Bill Reid

Dave Maxwell, Jerry Feitler, Carole Maxwell

Mel & Sherry Bogus, Bill Reid

Mel & Sherry Bogus, Mike Vagi, Doug (Cherylís brother)

Mel Bogus, Jerry Feitler, Mike Vagi, Jim Kilpatrick, Bill Reid, Dave Maxwell

Mel & Sherry Bogus, Mike &Cheryl Vagi, Anita & Jim Kilpatrick, Dave & Carole Maxwell, Bill Reid

Mel Bogus, Mike Vagi, Sherry Bogus

Jerry Feitler, Mike Vagi, Bill Reid

Dave Maxwell, Mike Vagi, Carole Maxwell

Anita Kilpatrick, Mike Vagi & Jim Kilpatrick

Dave & Carole Maxwell, Mike Vagi, Bill Reid (with dogs Precious & Ginger)