Roosevelt Military Academy
Rough Rider Association

The Rough Rider Association officers want to thank all the cadets who have joined the Association.  We appreciate your support of the Association which in turn will help to preserve the memories and legacy of the Academy. We also want to encourage all alumni to join the Association and take advantage of the many benefits of membership.  

Association Members

Last First Type
Adkins Pete Associate
Adler Howard Life
Ague Dale Full
Antolino Ralph Life
Batchelor Jan Associate
Beckford Bill Full
Boaz Tom Life
Bogus Mel Life
Bogus Sherry Associate
Brandt Bill Life
Brown Timothy Life
Bushee Norman Life
Butler John Life
Carlson  Harvey Life
Chadwick Dr. Larry Life
Cowles  Warren Life
Crawford Jim Life
Daughton Terry Life
deGraffenried Tom Life
DeGroff Hugh T. Life
Downer Ralph Life
Eltoft Larry Associate
Engelbrecht Donald  Life
Ewalt Sr. Charles Life
Fantino Sam Life
Feil Gene Life
Feitler Jerry Life
Fike Foster Life
Fortune-Feitler Shirley E. Associate
Fotinakes Nicholas Life
French Donald  Life
Fritz Bob Life
Gaeta Sr.  Phil Life
Graziano Joe Life
Greco Joseph T. Life
Grisham  Maxine Associate
Groharing Bernard E. Life
Gwynne Jack Full
Hukill Norman Life
Iglarsh Norm Life
Jutkins Ronn Life
Kirchschlager James A. Life
Koppel Jeff Full
Kourmadas  George Life
Kramer Bob Full
Kunst Bill Life
LaForce Henry Paul Life
Lapicola Marvin Life
Leeds Robert M. Life
Ludolph Kenneth Life
Lutz Bruce Full
Madzinski Mack
May Paul  Life
McAboy Thomas Life
McDonald Jim Life
McNemee Dick Life
Miller William Life
Millikan, II Glen Full
Millikan Rick Full
Nusbaum Michael Life
O'Malley John E Life
Persson Stephen Life
Petrosino Thomas R. Life
Pielet Jeffrey Life
Rathfelder Roger E. Life
Reach William J. Life
Regas James A. Life
Robertson James Life
Roush Paul  Life
Ryan William Life
Sanders Clyde Life
Schweda James T. Life
Seymour  Robert Life
Shirk Jerry Life
Shore Matt Life
Smith Leary Life
Spurr Roger Full
Stroemer Jr.  HC(Chuck) Life
Thiet Wallace Life
Thomas  Warren Life
Turner Veras Dean Life
Vagi Mike Life
Velvel Larry Life
Wald Barney Life
Wehner Ralph C. (RC) Life
Wehner Sue  Associate
Wendt David Life
Westol Louis Life
Withey  Frank Life
Wixson Bobby Life
Young Jim Life