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Rough Rider Newsletter                                                                  March 2009


2010 RMA All-Class Reunion Planning

We know the top issue on everyone’s mind is the 2010 RMA Reunion.  The initial discussions about this important event have been ongoing for a while and here’s the latest information.


At the association business meeting during the reunion in Chicago/Northbrook, the consensus was that the next reunion should include a trip to the RMA campus.  One of the key reasons was that the city and county government are trying to force the owner to tear down the buildings because they are unsafe.  The 2010 reunion may be the last opportunity to visit the campus with the buildings still standing—if they haven't already been demolished by that point.  A 2010 reunion in the Quad Cities/Aledo would also be in accordance with the general wish of the membership at the association’s first business meeting in 2006 where it was decided that we should consider going back to Aledo every other reunion.


However, because the members attending the business meeting last August represented just a small percentage of the total membership (and a very small percentage of the total RMA community), it was decided that we would allow everyone to take part in a survey/poll about the 2010 reunion before we make any final decisions.  Complete the reunion survey now.


The purpose of the questionnaire is to verify everyone’s thoughts about where and when the next reunion should be and to gain some general feedback about what we have done well at past reunions and what we should consider doing differently.  We will leave that survey up at least through the end of March.


Once we have analyzed the information from the survey, the Board of Directors will announce a decision on the location and begin putting together a reunion committee.  We want to have a reunion committee in place a year before the projected reunion date.  Then the board and the committee will develop another survey about what activities should be planned for 2010 based upon its specific location.


The key to all of this activity is that we want you to tell us how you want the 2010 Reunion organized and what you want to do during the reunion.  We will take all of the information into consideration—along with geographic limitations, costs involved and other practical issues—as we put together the event.


Note:  If you haven't seen the information and pictures from the last reunion, it’s all here.


It’s Time to Renew Your Membership—or Join the Association

Membership renewal time is here—in fact, it is a little past the normal renewal time, but we delayed because the Treasurer’s address was changing.  If you are a member, you can renew online with a credit card or download a membership form to mail with your check.  If you are not a current member, now is a good time to join us.  Just click here.


Although we do try to serve all of the RMA community, membership in the association is critical so we can communicate issues of importance to all of us and have “seed money” to pay the up-front costs of setting up the reunion.  Before the association came into existence, those who took it upon themselves to create a reunion had to put up their own money to pay those costs.  And, don't forget, the reunion registration fees for members will be less than those of non-members.


We understand that all of our financial situations are different, so we have different levels of membership starting at $15 a year so everyone can afford to join.


Regional RMA Gatherings

Although our national all-class reunions only happen every other year, we encourage the cadets, faculty, and friends of RMA to hold local events to meet new friends or stay in touch with old ones who live in your local areas.  If you would like to organize a gathering in your area, the association will provide whatever support it can and help you with getting the word out.  Just contact Bob Fritz if you are interested. 

We have one such gathering scheduled at this time.  All of you guys down in Texas and the southwest, plan on attending Mike Vagi's biennial gathering at his Terrell Ranch on October 17th.  Here's Mike's invitation.


Update Your Membership Data

If you haven’t notified us of recent changes in your address, phone number or e-mail, please do it today.  If you are an association member, you can also request an updated roster of the RMA community.


Keep in Touch with your Fellow Cadets

Let people know what you’ve been up to lately.  Use the RMA Message Forum or communicate in real time with multiple friends in a Chat Room.  Go the RMA Communications Center.


Cadets “Missing in Action”

If you know of any RMA alumni or faculty who are not listed on our roster, please send their names and telephone/e-mail to Membership Chair Lloyd Young ’64.  We are going to start listing names of lost cadets on the website.  If you know how to contact any of these individuals or if you have a classmate that you would like to declare as “missing in action”, please also contact Lloyd.


Contact the Association

If you have any questions about or suggestions for the association or the RMA community in general, just contact any of the Board of Directors:


Bob Fritz ‘65

Vice President

Bob Brown, ‘65


Jerry Feitler ’52


Jim Robertson ‘62

Past President

Jack Gwynne ‘66

or write to any of us at:           RMA Rough Rider Association
                                                c/o Robert G. Fritz

                                                21361 Crestview Road

                                                VC Highlands, NV 89521-6924 

Visit the RMA Rough Rider Association Website at

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