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Rough Rider Newsletter                                                                         May 2009


2010 RMA Reunion to be in Western Illinois


The Board of Directors voted unanimously on May 12th  to hold the next reunion in the Quad Cities/Aledo.  This decision was based on the online survey run over the past couple of months in which cadets overwhelming voted to go back to Western Illinois in 2010.


Forty-seven people completed the survey.  83% listed QC/Aledo as their first choice for the reunion.  23% listed Chicago as their first choice and 26% voted for Michigan.  (The total is over 100% because a number of people rated more than one location as their first choice.)  A number of other sites were also suggested, including various places in Florida (4 respondents) and Las Vegas (2 respondents.)


The other key question addressed by the survey was the best timeframe for holding the reunion.  The results, in order of popularity, were August (34% of the respondents), May (28%), and June (16%).  July and September each received 11% of the vote.  While we will ask the soon-to-be organized reunion committee to look closely at dates in August and May, the final decision will also be based on the availability/cost of hotels and other completing/complimentary events which may or may not be taking place during that summer in the Quad Cities and Aledo. 


The next step in the process is to establish a Reunion Committee.  We want to have the committee in place by the end of next month.  The committee will be given some broad guidelines concerning events, cost targets, etc., based upon the feedback provided by respondents to the survey and by cadets through other means about past reunions and what they would like to see us do for 2010.  The committee will then develop some options/alternatives for specific locations, events, costs, etc, for approval by the Board.  If you would be willing to serve on the Reunion Committee, please contact Bob Fritz '65.


We want to be sure that everyone has input into the reunion.  If there is something in particular you would like to do at the next reunion--or don't want to do this time--let us know at  



Let's find the Cadets of "The Lost Battalion"


Every September between 1931 and 1972, old and new cadets would assemble on the cement area on the RMA campus that had become known as “The Slab” to form the RMA Battalion for that school year.


Over the years thousand of cadets joined the battalion, passed thru the hallways of the academy and, eventually, went on to their life after RMA


Some of us have kept in touch, some have left this earth, and some are hiding from us all over the world because—for one reason or another—they want to put their RMA experience behind them.


But for each of us, our experience at RMA and our association with our cadet classmates, helped form the person we are today.  There is no denying that.


There are those among us who know some of these cadets of the "lost battalion" and it would be wonderful if we could get them to join their old classmates in the RMA Rough Rider Association—or at least add their names to the RMA roster.


So I ask each of you to talk to anyone of these lost cadets you know and ask them to renew their affiliation with the RMA Battalion through the association or the roster. 

                                                                       Lloyd “Ace” Young, Sr. ‘64
                                                                       Membership Chairman



Contact the Association


If you have any questions about or suggestions for the association or the RMA community in general, just contact any of the Board of Directors:


Bob Fritz ‘65

Vice President

Bob Brown, ‘65


Jerry Feitler ’52


Jim Robertson ‘62

Past President

Jack Gwynne ‘66

or write to any of us at:           RMA Rough Rider Association
                                                c/o Robert G. Fritz

                                                21361 Crestview Road

                                                Virginia City Highlands, NV 89521-6924 


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