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Summary for Officers Tele-Meeting
July  14, 2007


This summary is intended to give all RMA alumni, faculty and friends a brief overview of Association activities, programs and decisions of common interest. Members are provided with the complete set of Conference Call Minutes.

The Officers are currently reviewing 2 Membership Recognition programs and will notify the Association members when a final decision is reached. A review is also being made of making the 1992 Reunion video and Aledo visit available to alumni.

Other items under review are establishing a "chat room" on the website and Strategic Planning for the Association.

It was decided that the new Rough Rider newsletter would be posted on the website for all alumni, faculty and friends of RMA to have access to.

A number of questions concerning the operation of the Association have been raised recently in the website Message Forum and e-mails to others. Each of these issues was reviewed by the Officers with the following resolutions:

" Were there any other membership recognition proposals beside Mel Bogus's for the plaques"

No, not until we received Lloyd Young's suggestion of the flag set in his email dated 7.5.07 to Jack Gwynne.

" Do we give proper consideration to ideas or suggestions submitted to us?

Absolutely, the membership recognition program is an example. When the suggestion for the flag set was presented to Jack Gwynne we put the plaque program on hold until we could review all the implications and cost perspectives of both suggestions. This review was done and the results are outlined above under Old Business - Membership Recognition.
Another example is the idea of establishing a "chat room" on the website which is also responded to in these minutes.

" Why did we incorporate in Florida? \

It was a majority consensus at the Rock Island business meeting, although a vote was not taken, that the Association be incorporated and also have tax-exempt status. Operating with the spirit and intent of the business meeting we investigated incorporating in the state of Illinois, as that is where we are from. It was determined that it would be very expensive to retain an attorney in Illinois to accomplish that. Since our Treasurer resides in Florida, and in order to transfer all the funds left over from the Reunion into the Association account, it was imperative that we make a decision quickly and economically. As our Treasurer has had previous experience in this area, and had obtained legal counsel as to the best way to go, we decided to incorporate in the state of Florida. We are still working on the tax-exempt status.

" What will happen when Jerry Feitler steps down and is replaced by someone from another state?"

A change of Treasurer will have no effect on the operation of the Association. Since it is a legal requirement that the corporation maintains a "resident agent" in Florida who can accept legal documents for the Association, it will be determined at that time whether Jerry will continue to serve as the resident agent: another member residing in Florida will take over as resident agent: or if the Association will hire an attorney or a service to serve as resident agent. As far as Association funds, the signature cards on the bank account will be changed to reflect the change of Officers/responsibility. The account may or may not be moved to another bank based upon the decision of the Officers. The corporate identity and the funds of the Association will be protected.

" Has an Audit of funds occurred?"

No, an Audit conducted by an outside firm would be extremely costly and the Association cannot afford it. Our Treasurer, Gerald Feitler, conducts a financial review at the end of each calendar year and also submits monthly financial reports to the Officers. The 2006 financial review was approved by the President and distributed to all Association members. There were several questions that were directed to our Treasurer about the review which he responded to individually. We encourage members to ask questions and our books are open for review. If a member wishes to have an Audit done by an outside firm, and is willing to pay for it, we welcome it as the Association is financially sound and the books are balanced.

" Did the annual financial review of Association funds, including monies left over from the 2006 Reunion, find all monies accounted for? Is the membership equity secure.

Yes. All monies left over from the 2006 Reunion were transferred from the Reunion account, as well as the 2006 Membership dues account, into the Association account and all monies are accounted for. Individual questions should be directed to our Treasurer, Gerald Feitler.

" Did any board member send an inappropriate, anonymous e-mail to an Association member as a result of some Message Forum postings?

Absolutely not. We have always acted in the best interest of the Association members and respond to criticisms in a professional, courteous manner. We have always encouraged open, friendly dialogue with former cadets and friends of RMA to encourage our fellowship with each other.

" Should we refer to our Alumni as members and non-members as opposed to "association members only"?"

The primary focus and responsibility of any association is to its members since those individuals have chosen to join and pay dues. However, the purpose of our Association, as stated in the Constitution and By-Laws is "to establish and promote on-going communication and organizational structure for the alumni, faculty, family members and friends who were connected with Roosevelt Military Academy." Therefore, we encourage feedback, information and suggestions from non-members as well and it will be considered on the basis of value to the members of the Association. We also hope those non-members will eventually join the Association.

" Is the Roosevelt Memorial proposal privately funded? Are any Association monies involved? Have any contracts been discussed, or signed, by an Association Officer regarding committing the Association to any financial obligation regarding the Roosevelt Memorial? What does the reference t $2,000.00 in the section "Raising The Funds To Pay For the Memorial" on Page 2 of Ronn Jutkins proposal mean? If the Association isn't involved financially in any memorial project and it is privately funded can the Association say no?"

Yes, the Roosevelt Memorial proposal is privately funded and although some of the language in the proposal may imply otherwise, it was a proposal made at the time of the meeting in Rock Island and did not commit the Association to anything. There are no Association monies involved and no contracts have been discussed, or signed, committing the Association to any financial obligation regarding the Roosevelt Memorial. Although the Association Officers support Ronn's proposal and encourage other well thought out ideas and proposals for memorials, as long as they are privately funded they are outside the jurisdiction of the Association. The Association will support these private endeavors to the extent possible in terms of communications with the Association members and alumni. However, in the event that the Association considers to provide any financial support for any memorial endeavor, it would be presented to the voting membership for their consideration and input.

" What about the idea of a "chat room?"

We think that this is a good idea and would be a major addition to the website that would give all alumni and friends of RMA an opportunity to talk about mutual interests and concerns on an informal basis. We support this idea of improved communications and have passed on our recommendation of further review and implementation possibilities to our webmaster, Bob Fritz.

The call was ended at 11:25 AM Central time. The next scheduled call is Aug. 11, 2007 at 9:00 AM Central time.

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