Rough Rider Association News

Summary for Officers Tele-Meeting
September 8, 2007


This summary is intended to give all RMA alumni, faculty and friends a brief overview of Association activities, programs and decisions of common interest. Members are provided with the complete Conference Call Minutes.

There was no conference call in August.

A 3 facet Membership Recognition Program was approved by the Officers. It will include a flag set that has been paid for by Leland Easton in order to avoid unnecessary Association expenditures. Also, members may order a recognition plaque at their own expense and details are available by contacting Mike Vagi. Finally, all 2007 current members will receive a Certificate of Membership recognizing their membership in the Association.

Our Treasurer, Jerry Feitler, reported that we are in the final stages of submitting our request for tax-deduction status and we should be ready to submit the paperwork by the next conference call in October. Jerry also reported that the cost to bond the Officers and Principals is excessive for what assets we would be insuring, therefore we will not pursue this idea. We feel that there are adequate safeguards to protect the Association’s assets.

The new Communications Center on our website is now up and running and includes the Message Forum and Chat Room – which are the informal means of alumni communication. The Association News link is one of the official means of alumni communication from the Association Officers.

The 2nd. issue of the Rough Rider Newsletter was issued this week.

The Reunion Committee is looking for accommodations/rates in and around the Chicago area – and currently are thinking about a date in August, 2008 for the reunion.


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