Rough Rider Association News

Summary for Officers Tele-Meeting
April 12, 2008

This summary is intended to give all RMA alumni, faculty, family, and friends a brief overview of Association activities, programs and decisions of common interest. Members of the Association are provided with the complete conference call minutes.

Jerry reported that individual donations made to the Association are not tax-deductible. If the members of the Association wish to have that option available, they will be able to decide that at the business meeting as it will be an agenda item and can be voted on at that time.

The Reunion Committee has set the agenda for the 2008 Reunion and the reunion fee will be $150 per person. If anyone has questions, they should contact any of the members of the committee.

The Officers wish to remind all former members who have not renewed their membership dues to please re-new and encourage all alumni who have not joined the Rough Rider Association to please do so.

The Parliamentarian has advised the Officers that our By-Laws will allow the election of Officers without a quorum being physically present at the Reunion business meeting. Any other ordinary business brought up at the meeting can be adopted by the Officers based on recommendations of those voting members in attendance or by a later vote of the entire voting membership. That decision will be made by the newly elected Officers. The Parliamentarian will also make other recommendations to the Officers for revision to the Constitution and By-Laws.

We are still actively seeking volunteers for the Nominating and By-Laws Review committees. Please contact any of the Association Officers if you are interested in helping in these areas.


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