Rough Rider Association News

Summary for Officers Tele-Meeting
February 9 and February 24th, 2008

This summary is intended to give all RMA alumni, faculty, family and friends a brief overview of Association activities, programs and decisions of common interest. Members of the Association are provided with the complete Conference Call Minutes.

A review of our Constitution and By-Laws will be done by a Professional Registered Parliamentarian. This review should be completed by the end of March and his recommendations will be presented to the membership for consideration and a vote at the business meeting during the August, 2008 Reunion.

The Officers approved the addition of several items to our Membership recognition program in order to recognize current members as well as the new Life-time members.

Issue III of the Rough Rider newsletter was authorized and should go to print within the next several weeks. There are quite a few items of interest to everyone including:  2008 Reunion Update, annual dues reminder, request for committee member volunteers, Constitution and By-Laws amendment requests, business meeting agenda items and others.

It was agreed that we would pursue an academic records project in an attempt to locate other alumni for the Roster. Academic records are stored in Aledo and the Association will work with Aledo contacts to further investigate this project.


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