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Update - June 2007

Hi Rough Riders

When the Leadership Committee was formed at the 2004 Reunion in Las Vegas it was given 2 specific tasks – the planning of the 2006 Reunion and writing the Constitution and By-Laws for the Roosevelt Military Academy Rough Rider Association. Both of these tasks have been accomplished.

The successful Reunion has come and gone and the Association has been formed, Officers elected, Principals have been appointed and Committee Chairmen have been named to coordinate specific tasks. The Principals, who serve in an advisory capacity to the President of the Association are: Leland Easton – Parliamentarian, Bob Fritz – Webmaster, Doug Gover – Strategic Planner and Gene Shalander, Sr. – Historian. Eric(Rick)Bogoff is the 2008 Reunion Committee Chairman, Mel Bogus is the Communications Committee Chairman and Ronn Jutkins is the Memorial Committee Chairman.

I would like to bring you up to date as to where we are now.

Article V of the Constitution and By-Laws, “The Rough Riders Association’s Insignia and Heraldry” specifically identifies the Association’s Logo, Colors and Newsletter to be the Theodore Roosevelt logo, the scarlet and gray colors and the Rough Rider Newsletter. These items were clearly defined as they were obvious segments of RMA.

This article also provides for Association Membership Recognition – an item that was purposely left “To Be Determined” until the Officers were elected, as it was not clearly defined.

In addressing Association Membership Recognition, the Officers solicited input and volunteers for the various committee positions. Through this solicitation, Mel Bogus submitted a proposal to the Officers for Association Membership Recognition.

This proposal is a membership recognition plaque with the members’ name and class year inscribed on it. All full members who paid their dues in 2006 or 2007 would receive this recognition plaque.

In the absence of other input or volunteers, the Officers have approved preliminary approval of Mel’s proposal. However, before the implementation of this recommendation we would like to solicit any additional ideas on membership recognition you may have before July 7th. The Officers will evaluate the merits of each proposal and report our decision no later than July 14th.

Additionally, if you would prefer not to receive the plaque and leave the funds in the Association Treasury you may do so. The total cost of each plaque is $13.00, which includes shipping and handling and is paid for by the Association. Please advise Mike Vagi by July 7th at: 972.524.8825 or if you do not want the membership recognition plaque.

As with the Association Membership Recognition program, the Officers solicited volunteers to help Ronn Jutkins with the Memorial Committee. Ronn had made his proposal presentation of the Roosevelt Memorial at the business meeting in Rock Island when the Officers were elected. Every member was given a copy of this proposal for review and comment.

The Officers approve of voluntary efforts such as Ronn’s and urged him to proceed in this endeavor with our complete support. In its initial introduction, funding was undefined. However, Ronn’s efforts were overwhelming supported by those in attendance. Ronn is working towards funding this initiative by donations and other fund raising activities. As with any donation or fund raising effort, the Officers will carefully evaluate the merits on a case by case basis.

If you have any ideas regarding other Roosevelt Memorials please submit them to one of the officers, or directly to Ronn

Communications like this email will be combined with an article on your officers’ conference calls in the Rough Rider newsletter to keep you informed. We will also post items of special importance on the website.

Please contact one of the officers with your comments, suggestions or questions.

Jack (1966)

President – RMA Rough Rider Association

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