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Update - March 2007

The period since the Reunion in August has been one of the transition of records and responsibilities from the Reunion Committee to the newly formed RMA Rough Riders Association. The Officers of the Association have had numerous telephone conference calls since then and we would like to report to the Association members and alumni what progress has been made, tasks completed, what plans are in progress and what areas we need help in. 

  • We have been incorporated in the State of Florida as the Roosevelt Military Academy Rough Riders Association
  • We are recognized as a not-for-profit organization in the State of Florida
  • Our Treasurer, Gerald Feitler, is working to have the Association also designated as a tax-exempt organization.
  • The Quartermasters Store has been established and is now open for business. Gene Shalander will be the Quartermaster and a price list, pictures of items available and ordering instructions are included herein.
  • The review of all financial transactions conducted by the Reunion Committee has been completed by our Treasurer, Gerald Feitler. This report has been submitted to Association President Jack Gwynne who has reviewed, approved it and it will be provided to all Association members. Any questions that a member may have should be directed to Gerald Feitler.
  • We will make a $250 donation to the American Legion Post in Aledo in recognition of all the help they have provided us in the past.
  • Ronn Jutkins is working hard with Aledo Main Street to coordinate our efforts in order to establish the Roosevelt Military Academy Memorial.

Let’s review the newly formed RMA Rough Riders Association.  We currently have 76 members and we have about 550 alumni listed in the Roster, that’s about 14% - not bad for our first year and no one knowing if the dues they paid were worthwhile. We would like to thank all the members who signed up without having answers to some of the questions they may have had. Here are some reasons and benefits of being a member of the RMA Rough Riders Association:

  • You are helping to preserve the legacy and memories of the Academy, fellow classmates, Faculty and Aledo friends
  • You can hold elected office and make a difference in Association affairs
  • You can vote and have a voice in Association matters
  • You can receive the Roster and TAPS lists to help keep you in touch with classmates and to know of those who have passed away
  • You will receive the semi-annual Rough Rider newsletter
  • A discount on future Reunion fees
  • Savings on Quartermaster Store purchases

Hope these reasons will convince you to join the Association and a Membership form is enclosed to make that easy for you to do.

 If you are a current member of the Association and have not paid your 2007 renewal dues already they are due by April 1st. The dues are the same as they were last year, $25 for a full membership and $15 for the associate membership.  If you are not currently a member you can join at any time and the membership fees are $25 and $15 respectively for the full or associate membership. You can also view the Constitution and By-Laws on-line or request a hard copy from Mike Vagi. You can join on-line by going to our website or off-line by using the enclosed Membership form. Checks must be made payable to:  RMA Rough Riders Association and sent to Gerald Feitler at:  5941 Parkwalk Drive, Boynton Beach, FL  33437

OK – we now have an Association and just like any company or organization it takes people to make it work.  The Officers and Principals cannot do it all, so we are asking for your help – you notice I said “help” not volunteers.  Some of you with a military background may be reluctant to “volunteer”. We have 4 committees that we need help with in accomplishing the things that many of you have asked for and that we want to be able to provide. We can’t do it without YOU! 


If we are going to continue our All-Class Reunions every 2 years the planning needs to start now. We need a Chairman and many volunteers to do the following.

  • Determine where and when the next reunion will be held.
  • Determine manpower needs and abilities to complete the tasks involved.
  • Maintain detailed records of the transactions involved.


We need a Chairman and a few volunteers to help in the following areas:

  • Help to create the Rough Rider Newsletter for semi-annual distribution
  • Develop a Rough Rider Association membership recognition program
  • Help to locate alumni not currently in the Roster
  • Help in the data verification of the TAPS listing


We need 1 or 2 volunteers to assist Ronn Jutkins on this committee which will determine a fitting memorial, as outlined in Ronn’s proposal presented at the 2006 Reunion business meeting, to maintain the legacy and memory of RMA and its’ association with the City of Aledo and our friends therein. The primary focus of this committee is how to raise the money to fund the building of the statue of Teddy Roosevelt on horseback.


Doug Gover will Chair the Strategic Planning Committee and his objective will be to make recommendations to the Officers and membership at large as to what directions and plans, both short-term and long-term that the Association should consider. The following guys have volunteered to serve on this Committee:  Rick Bogoff, Bob Brown, Jim Crawford, Bob Fritz, Warren Meyers and Larry Velvel.  If you are interested in becoming part of this group we would welcome more participants.


The Chairman of each of these committees will report directly to Association Vice-President Gary Weaver. You are encouraged to contact Gary directly, as well as any other Association Officer, if you have any questions:

We encourage all of you to take an active role in the Association. The success of the 2006 Reunion and Association Business Meeting demonstrated to us that if more people get involved the better the job and the ideas.  We also encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions on how we can make the Association activities, plans and communications more effective.

Your help will be greatly appreciated and we look forward to a great response to these requests.

Thanking you in advance for your help.

Jack Gwynne
President – RMA Rough Riders Association

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