Order your Aledo Armed Forces Memorial Paver Today

The memorial honors all the men and women of Mercer County who have served our Country in the Armed Forces or attended RMA. The City of Aledo has designated a special area to honor and recognize former Roosevelt Military Academy cadets. Below is a picture of the memorial and the designated area for RMA cadets.


What a great opportunity to become part of the permanent legacy of Roosevelt Military Academy and the Aledo Armed Forces Memorial!

As part of the 2012 All-Class Reunion, the Rough Rider Association will have a dedication ceremony on August 18, 2012 when we visit Aledo and the school campus. More details regarding the 2012 Reunion will be included in a separate newsletter.

Download an order form and a completed sample order form.

Explanation of Terms Used in Order Form

• Name: Your name, or the person’s name you are ordering for, exactly as you want it to appear on the brick/paver.

• RMA Company: Last RMA Company you were assigned to: HQ, A, B, C, D, G etc.

• Branch of Service: Which branch did you serve in? US Army, US Navy, etc.

• Years Attended/Served: Actual years at RMA and Armed Forces (if applicable).

• Bricks/Pavers: Commonly used terms for the blocks used in memorials.

Cost of the Brick/Paver: $110 for up to 48 characters with a maximum of 3 lines of information and 16 characters per line. If necessary, use abbreviations or initials to remain within the number of allowed characters. We will be verifying the accuracy of the information on the order forms, as well as the payment amount you submit.

Questions:  Contact Bob Kramer at 847-560-1208 or bob.kramer@rmaroughriders.org with questions about submitting or completing the order form and the cost of your order.


The following cadets (and faculty) already have pavers in the memorial park:

Acocks, Tim 1963-67   Lawson, David (Fac) 1963-73
Ague, Dale 1969-72   Lawson, Merridee 1969
Armstrong, David 1953-56   Martin, Jr., William 1965-67
Bale, Charles R. 1948-50   Martin, Sr., William 1938-42
Bassett, Guy (1) 1969-71   Maxwell, David F. 1956-59
Bassett, Guy (2) 1969-71   May, Paul 1957-62
Biskner, James 1964-68   McAboy, Thomas H. 1939-48
Boaz, Tom 1957-61   Miller, William L. 1960-64
Bogoff, Eric (Rick) 1965-69   Millikan, Glen G. (Fac) 1928-73
Bogoff, Monroe A. 1938-42   Millikan, Rick (Family) N/A
Bogus, Mel 1945-47   Millikan, Sue Ann (Family) 1956-66, 69
Bushee, Norman 1961-63   Meyers, Warren D. 1948-52
Camper, John 1946-48   Nicholson, Earl F. 1942-44
Clark, Frank R. 1958-61   Nusbaum, Michael 1966-68
Cohen, Charles P. 1946-59   O'Brian, Hugh 1940-41
Dahl, Don 1964-68   O'Neal, Larry 1952-54
Degroff, Hugh 1956-59   Pearson, William 1940-43
Dierking, Leonard 1948-52   Persson, Stephen 1950-58
Downer, R. Galen 1950-52   Peterson, Bruce 1957-60
Easton, Leland 1962-64   Petrosino, Thomas 1952-53
Edgar, James 1954-56   Preniczky, John 1956-60
Eshleman, Philip (Cdt & Fac) 1960-66   Raimond, Joe 1954-57
Ewalt, Charles   1967-70   Ramirez, Michael 1966-70
Fantino, Sam 1956-60   Rathfelder, Roger 1958-62
Feitler, Gerald 1950-52   Ravenhill, Ronald 1942-45
Fotinakes, Nick 1957-59   Reid, William   1957-61
Fritz, Randall 1965-68   Robertson, James 1959-62
Fritz, Robert 1963-65   Rossi, Raymond 1955-60
Graziano, Joseph 1945-49   Rosso, James 1954-56
Greco, Joseph T. 1957-61   Rosso, Philip 1954-55
Groharing, Bernard 1957-59   Sanders, Clyde 1944-48
Guanci, John J. 1955, 57-58   Serafin, Louis 1962-65
Guinn, Jerry 1945-50   Shalander, Gene 1949-50
Gwynne, Jack 1962-66   Shaughnessy, Jim(Faculty) 1955-73
Hall, Bill 1961-65   Shimp, Andrew H. 1955-59
Hofmann, Bob (Staff) 1953-73   St. Marie (Faculty), Eugene J. 1949-65
Iglarsh, Norman 1958-61   Stipp, Tom 1957-60
Jackson, J. Warren 1941-48   Stroemer, H C 1945-47
Jaschke, Donald 1962-66   Thomas, Warren 1947-51
Jimenez, Esteban 1961-66   Tragos, Bill 1945-51
Joedicker, Russ 1962-64   Turner, V. Dean 1941-44
Johnson, John R. 1946-51   Vagi, Mike 1958-60
Jones, Thomas J. 1964-67   Vega, Jorge 1951-54
Karpes, Richard A. 1960-64   Velvel, Larry 1949-50
Koppel, Jeffrey 1970-72   Wald, Barnaby 1957-61
Koppel, Stewart B. 1939-43   Wald, Jonathan 1956-60
Kourmadas, George 1945-47   Wayne, James F. 1953-54
Kraly, Ken 1956-57   Wehner, Ralph C. 1947-53
Kramer, Bob 1961-65   Wendt, David J. 1956-58
LaForce, Paul 1944-46   Wendt, Richard J. 1948-52
Lang, Robert E. 1955-59   Wickham, Richard   1962-63
Lauchstaedt, Gustave (Fac) 1955-64   Wixson, Bobby G. 1944-49
    Young, Lloyd 1958-63